Our Services

Absoulute Organizing Solutions provides a variety of services designed to help you better enjoy your home and make your organization run more efficiently. We executes hands-on organizing and storage solutions. Our goal is to simplify your life by better organizing things around your home or office. We believe that if your space is well organized, less cluttered and made more effective, you will be happier, less stressed and more productive because there will be more tranquility in your space.

Hands-on Professional Organizing/Productivity/Efficiency Services

  • Decluttering, purging
  • Downsizing
  • File systems
  • Health insurance claims filing and management
  • Inventory
  • Paper and project management
  • Create efficient procedures, processes, and systems development
  • Process improvement
  • Email, paper, and electronic file management
  • Space planning
  • Storage solutions
  • Storage equipment and furniture
  • Tax filing preparation
  • Workflow management

Organizing of any area or space (kitchen, basement, bedrooms, office, supply closets, storage rooms, file rooms, etc.)

QUOTE:  We celebrate what we accomplish

Thanks for making my library a resource place instead of a mess house.  Your company is truly awesome!
–Residential, Homeowner, Washington, DC

I love, love, love my kitchen.  I keep going back looking at it!
–Residential, Homeowner, Washington, DC

Vernestine packed and moved clothing and other items no longer needed.  Her patience and encouragement helped me to make the decisions I needed to make so that my home became a much more comfortable place in which to live.  She is a wonderful person to work with.
–Residential, Homeowner, Washington, DC

I was singing your praises yesterday when I was getting my tax information together—it was the easiest year ever, thanks to your filing system!  Thanks you!!!
–Tracye McQuirter, By Any Greens Necessary,

I had reached one of those points when the clutter in my workspace had overtaken the time and attention and patience I had to either keep working or to drop everything and clean up. I needed help to make my workspace functional again.  Absoulute Organizing Solutions was the perfect choice to bring order to my work space – and my life – as I got ready to transition to a new office. I needed a seasoned professional who would be gentle as well as efficient, define a job we could complete, and give me the benefit of her guidance and support as well as create order. Vernestine delivered all that and more! She knows her stuff: she comes completely prepared with bins, labels and tables for all the steps she knows are natural to creating order. That includes the apparent descent into chaos as we worked together to sort and make decisions about things to keep, things to change, things to recycle, and things that have come to the end of their useful life. She also knows the inner spaces: the literal soul of kindness, calm and compassion, she knows the power that objects and space can have, and offered me plenty of support when I was just having a hard time with the head-space of making a lot of changes to my physical environment, handling things that had emotional impact for me. And she was happy to handle the recycling, donations, and even take out the trash at the end of the job.

I would hire Vernestine again in a heartbeat. Home, office, or home office, call Vernestine.
Judy Bradt, Summit Insight,