Absoulute Organizing Solutions provides records management services that will help you file, find or digitize your files EASILY.

Records Management

  • Categorizing
  • Filing system, purging strategy, implementation and management
  • Filing system development
  • Digitize paper files
  • Document and email file organization
  • Document and workflow management
  • Naming conventions
  • Process improvement
  • Records management strategies
  • Record retention schedule
  • Tax filing preparation
  • Inventory management systems

QUOTE:  “When you’re disorganized, you waste valuable time searching for things; however, when you’re organized, you know exactly where to find them!”

By just spending a few hours with Vernestine, I’ve gotten clearer on why my planning and workflow system doesn’t work.  I’ve subsequently made some changes which allow my day to be calmer and more organized.  I would recommend Vernestine’s work to anyone wanting more focus in their work life.
–Small Business/ Home Office, Arlington, VA

Thank you for the tremendous guidance and support.  I appreciate your professional words of wisdom.  You and Carolyn helped me to revamp the way that I function in my office space.
–Home Office, Bowie, MD

Having Absoulute Organizing Solutions enabled me to focus my energy on moving forward into a new phase of the project… In addition, you assisted me personally with my own office organization needs. I felt and still feel a greater peace with my own surrounding. This has made working through this stressful period in business growth more workable for me. Your skills and attitude made getting organized more of a pleasure than a chore and I thank you.”
— Corporation, Program Manager, Arlington, VA